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How It Works

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Initial Wallet Space Setup
- Connect Wallet Space to your store using our integrations or custom API

Payment Flow

1. Buyer starts checkout

2. Store sends notification to Wallet Space with cost in fiat

3. Wallet Space checks current rate of crypto currency and tells store the cost of payment in crypto currency

4. Buyer sends crypto currency

5. Wallet Space checks the coins blockchain for payment. The payment is usually seen within seconds and we can verify whether the buyer overpaid or underpaid. 

6. Once payment is fully confirmed, Wallet Space notifies store and merchant of  
successful payment

7a. Wallet Space distributes the crypto currency to the Merchant wallets and trades an amount to fiat currency in the Merchants exchange account

7b. If the distribution to Merchant wallets or fiat trade is under the chain or exchange required minimums, the values are saved to a rollover amount and will be added in the next payment.